Originated in Japan, Reiki is an energy-based method of treatment designed to relieve conditions and promote healing. The healer uses his or her hands to activate the person´s life force energy and kickstart its flow, solving energy blockages that cause disease or mental illness. You don’t need to suffer unnecessarily anymore – give Reiki a go. After all, many modern day medicinal procedures are based on age-old practices.


Reiki healing is offered by our experienced holistic therapist at Ayrshire Healing Centre. Located in Maybole in South Ayrshire, our door is always open to those of all situations, whether you are looking to start out and try Reiki for the first time, or have been attending Reiki sessions for years now.

Reiki, as a holistic practice, originally has its roots in Japanese culture. It was gradually adopted in countries throughout the world and is now something that countless people based in modern-day Scotland use to improve their overall wellbeing. Reiki is, in essence, a treatment that is energy-based and uses life force as a healing tool. If you are feeling sluggish and have feelings of anxiety and overall tension, your life force energy could be suffering blockages and needs to be addressed by experienced hands.

Why not do something about all this and visit Ayrshire Healing Centre for a Reiki session. From the moment you come in, throughout the Reiki process, you can feel a sense of calm and relief that comes from kickstarting your energy flow and promoting your healing. As our healer’s hands gently massage your body, you can feel relaxation and stress relief wash over you and prepare to have a clearer, more focused mind and better, more sound sleep at night.

Reach out to us with any questions you may have about the benefits of Reiki and what the treatment looks like in practice. If you are ready for your next Reiki session in Ayrshire, book an appointment at Ayrshire Healing Centre! 


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