60 mins of this ancient practice, working the body systems, relaxing the mind and promoting good health.


Ayrshire Healing Centre is proud to offer its clients professional and effective reflexology sessions. Dating back to ancient history, reflexology involves applying pressure in a targeted way, to certain touchpoints in the feet (and often, hands) in order to alleviate bodily feelings of tension and stress.

If you are online looking around for a foot massage in Ayrshire, our reflexology services are an excellent choice for you. Our experienced reflexologist discusses with you the concerns that you have, both emotional and physical in nature. They will tap into ancient ideas that theorise connections between points in your feet and your body’s internal workings. Personalised to your individual case, and any other health treatments you are going through, our reflexology foot massage will create a deep sense of relaxation and will help to increase circulation and nerve function.

During the foot massage, any points of congestion or tightness will be met with experienced hands, that will work to reduce any pain that you are experiencing, perhaps after a recent foot injury. If you are experiencing specific forms of pain in your feet, regular sessions with our reflexologist can give you peace of mind that you are being proactive and taking control of your own wellbeing. Our foot massages play a role in helping align your bodily systems and your emotional health, and through balancing these, your body’s natural healing ability can flourish more readily. Good health will be promoted and supported as a result.

Want to book an hour-long reflexology session in our foot massage spa in Ayrshire? Use our online booking system or call us with any other questions you have. We cannot wait to have you in Ayrshire Healing Centre and help bring greater calmness to your everyday life.




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