Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

An Indian head massage is a deeply relaxing treatment where the masseuse focuses on the head, neck, and shoulders. Using invigorating movements to deplete built up tension, this massage also stimulates the scalp and can be a brilliant way to encourage hair growth.


The benefits of an Indian head massage are enjoyed on a regular basis by our clients visiting Ayrshire Healing Centre.

It takes a simple approach, developed by those originally carrying them out in India decades ago. Although simplistic, done in the right way by experienced professionals, can have wondrous effects on your physical and mental state. 

Not only is the process deeply relaxing and calming, and provides a chance to disconnect from the world, but it can also positively tackle the incidence of hair loss, and help stimulate growth. Indian head massage for hair growth is undoubtedly one of the major benefits that we are approached about, and we love to help clients along with their hair growth journey, whether they have experienced some form of medical hair loss or scalp condition or other circumstances.

In addition, our traditional Indian head massage sessions will help to break down any tension accumulated in your head and can calm and alleviate the physicalities of chronic headaches and migraines if this is something you suffer from. The massage is truly invigorating and will get deep into your shoulders, neck, and head to relax knotted areas. Your body, and how well it functions, is based upon a delicate lymphatic system. Indian Head Massages are excellent at stimulating this system to help facilitate better lymphatic drainage. Feelings of anxiety can result from poor sleep and an overall run-down body - our massages can work to tackle all of these ailments and bring a sense of balance back.

If you are curious about our Indian head massages and want to know more, simply get in touch. 

Otherwise, you can book an Indian head massage at Ayrshire Healing Centre for whenever suits you best. We look forward to having you in our South Ayrshire based holistic centre!


45 mins

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