Biofield Clearing

Biofield Clearing

Biofield Clearing
Per 60 min session

Cleanse and clear your biofield through vibrational sound healing leaving you rejuvenated , relaxed and ready to take on the world.


If you are searching online for sound healing therapy in Ayrshire, our biofield clearing sessions are exactly what you need. The Ayrshire Healing Centre is based in Maybole in South Ayrshire and is the go to place for sound healing.

Whether you have tried biofield clearing before or are curious about the experience, we work to provide all clients with an ethereal, relaxing experience. Our sound healing therapy creates a truly immersive setting, with the vibrational effects reverberating throughout the room. You will feel the vibrations wash through your body and rejuvenate your physical and emotional self through its calming effect. The sound healing therapy will see you lay, fully clothed, on our dedicated treatment table. Using tuning forks, our therapist will activate the sound baths and envelop you into a state of calm.

This type of sound healing therapy in Ayrshire Healing Centre is a great fit for those seeking to address negative past experiences that actively affect your energy field and cause blockages and distortions. Traumas and fears, as well as prior held, limiting beliefs that you wish to expel, are all key factors to target with biofield tuning. Our sound healing will work to impart positive and loving energy to clear your biofield and give you a renewed sense of clarity and openness to heal and move forward.

You can book sound healing near you at Ayrshire Healing Centre today through our online booking system. Any other concerns or questions you have about sound healing therapy or holistic therapy in general, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our experienced holistic therapists love to help existing and prospective clients learn about and benefit from the world of holistic therapy. 


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