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I have the franchise to Sound as a Bell Ayrshire , one of the counties top sound healing and holistic course providers . Currently I am running regular Reiki 1 and 2 courses and a sound healing practitioner course will he delivered later in the year . I plan to expand the training side in 2022 as I have over 15 years experience of delivering training , just in a slightly different industry.

Looking for holistic training near you in Ayrshire?

As an owner of the Sound as a Bell Ayrshire franchise, I am proud to offer and run regular holistic training courses to welcome in and equip those looking to enter the holistic world as practitioners. With extensive experience in the field of holistic therapy and 15 years’ worth of delivering training in a slightly different industry, it is my honour to impart my wisdom and skill to a new generation through one of the country’s top providers of sound healing and holistic courses. I frequently run Reiki 1 and 2 level courses at present and am planning to offer a sound healing practitioner course later this year in 2022.

Working hands-on with clients coming from across the region to the Ayrshire Healing Centre, I see the very real and tangible benefits that they experience in their minds and bodies from investing time in holistic forms of therapy. This is why empowering other people, through holistic training courses, is important to what I do, so that we can maximise the availability of the therapies to others, and offer high-quality, efficacious treatments that benefit the wellbeing of our communities.

If holistic therapy is something you have your heart set on, and need the professional level of knowledge and skill to practice it, then I can help you get there. Or perhaps you want to know more about what a holistic training program involves? Either way, get in touch with us at Ayrshire Healing Centre to discuss our holistic training courses or book yourself in now!

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