Community Wellbeing Hub

Community Wellbeing hub is our not for profit side and a registered CIC.

We opened in 2020 and offer a community space to improve mental health and wellbeing to individuals, families and children within Maybole and the surrounding villages.

Since opening we have provided

  • blocks of workshops to over 100 families struggling with stress or anxiety
  • funded holistic sessions by GP referral 
  • monthly women's group
  • family mediation sessions
  • art therapy sessions
  • a designated cosy soace through the winter of 2022/23
  • ASN workshops
  • workshops to schools, colleges, uniformed organisations, sports clubs, community centres and youth groups
  • workshops and retreats for charities
  • created partnerships with many local organisations within the area 

Please follow us on Facebook at Community Wellbeing Hub CIC to keep up to date with all our events and news.

Community Wellbeing Hub has its own email address for communication - [email protected]